Financial Services

USABROAD provides the ‘know how’ for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to compete in international markets.

With decades of experience in international markets, our staff works with clients to manage financial risk, cash flow and distribution channels related to selling their goods and services to anywhere in the world. USABROAD contracts with clients on either a ‘retainer’ or ‘no cure no pay’ basis:

  • ‘No Cure No Pay Services’ – USABROAD takes title to the client’s goods and acts as an intermediary in transactions, paying the client and collecting from the customer.
  • ‘Retainer Service’ – USABROAD receives service fees and commissions as payment for establishing the client’s own presence in international markets, including: securing export guarantees and export financing while providing ongoing ‘Program Management’ for business development, project management, logistics, life support, security and staffing.

Credit Insurance protects exporters and lenders from up to 95% of invoice value for commercial risk and up to 100% on political risks. Credit Insurance enables exporters to get their international transactions factored by commercial banks, finance companies and private lenders.

With short-term financing that is backed by credit insurance US exporters and lenders are able to extend credit terms to international buyers with minimal risk.

Because Letters of Credit usually require 100% collateral, offering up to 180 days of financing to overseas buyers can make the difference between winning or losing a sale.

Typically, government agencies and international lenders support up to 85% of the contract amount (depending upon U.S. content) after a cash payment of at least 15% by guaranteeing or insuring loans to international buyers.

Once USABROAD secures the necessary guarantees, we are able to obtain financing from commercial lenders for foreign buyers of our clients’ capital goods and services.

Floating interest rates are often available.Local costs and eligible project costs, such as ancillary services (e.g., financial, legal and technical consulting fees) may be financed.

Loans may be denominated in U.S. dollars or in select foreign currencies.

USABROAD will also work with clients to obtain guarantees and direct loans to finance the construction and operation of projects through structured finance transactions, including limited resource project finance where project cash flows are used for repayment of the financing.

Financing is available for purchases of capital goods and services for international projects, including projects in countries that are not open for routine transactions. Long-term financing is available on terms up to 14 years. Interest during construction, local costs and ancillary services (e.g., financial, legal or technical consultation fees) may be financed.

USABROAD works closely with US export credit organizations and their foreign counterparts to establish co-financing arrangements. Under this structure, US credit insurance and guarantees may apply to the U.S. portion of a transaction, while the foreign export credit agency supports its respective portion.

USABROAD creates a single, streamlined financing product for clients. USABROAD’s clients gain greater coverage with a simplified process.

Government loan guarantees will cover up to 100% of loan principal and accrued interest and are available for medium-term (up to five years) and long-term (over seven years) repayment, which are usually determined by transaction size.

The interest rate charged is usually a floating rate, negotiated between the buyer and the lender.

Technology Services

Each year billions of new devices are added to networks globally, and the rate of acceleration is increasing. While we’re connecting new devices and previously ‘dark’ areas of the globe; ever changing technology and business requirements, especially cyber security threats, demand more skill and bigger budgets. Rather than constantly battle IT challenges, adapt and let IT experts manage your IT projects and operations. USABROAD technologists provide a wide variety of ICT services including the following:

  • Consulting ranging from ground up design to reactive troubleshooting
  • Implementation services with in house project managers and tech leads and strategic IT staffing partners
  • Service management and operational support packaged in our Managed Network Services

USABROAD has developed strategic partnerships with companies internationally to augment each other’s services. For example, USABROAD partners with companies in Paraguay and the Philippines to provide 24 x 7 x 365 Remote Operations Centers to support our Managed Services and Enterprise customers with ‘always on’ monitoring, remote support, incident resolution, proactive systems and network management, and more.

Attackers worldwide are probing your networks; virus infections, ransomeware and malware continue to increase; data breaches are happening more and more…but throwing money at IT isn’t a cyber security strategy. What’s your cyber risk mitigation plan, network defense methodology, disaster recovery and business continuity plan? If you don’t know or if its not working, give us a call.

At USABROAD we start with best practices and use our extensive experience and the best minds we can find to tailor our services and solutions to your needs. We ensure our people keep up with changing technologies through continuing education, maintaining industry standard certifications, and exposure to a wide range of technologies and environments.

  • Red Hat Linux Partner with certified staff
  • Cisco partner with CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, CCNA-Voice & CCIE staff
  • Federal VMware partner, VSP, VTSP & VCP staff
  • GSM, ITIL, PMP, and Microsoft Experts

In the USA, Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, Lebanon, and more…USABROAD has consulted on network integration in Afghanistan, designed and implemented high availability campus LANs in Qatar, provided field and project management services for enterprise clients all over, and we continue to adapt our company and our clients to the constantly changing IT and security environments.