NextGen Managed Network Services

Global expertise with a positive local impact

For over ten years, USABROAD has been in the business of providing Managed Network Services (MNS) to US Military bases around the world. Now, we’re expanding our service offerings to small businesses throughout the US and Southeast Asia.

Our mission is to make a positive impact on as many lives as possible.

New Affordable Solutions

MNS allows small businesses to free cash by spending a few hundred dollars monthly on state of the art IT service and technology, instead of many thousands building their networks.

Unprecedented Opportunity

In the US, there are 8 million Small Businesses with 2 to 500 employees. Until now, these businesses have been shut out of a cost-prohibitive marketplace.

Uniquely Qualified

USABROAD has a qualified team with decades of experience implementing technology solutions all around the world capable of seizing this unique opportunity

Positive Social Impact

USABROAD works with clients that offer products and services that will have a strong, immediate impact on a target international market to positively affect the largest number of people.

Industries Benefitting from Managed Network Services

MNS is for Law FirmsAccounting FirmsHIPAA Compliant Clinics and Health InstitutionsPCI Compliant Small BusinessesReal Estate Agent and Broker FirmsInsurance BrokersSmall Consulting FirmsSpecialized Design Service FirmsOffice Administrative Services 



HIPAA Compliant Healthcare

PCI Compliant Business

Real Estate



Specialized Design

Office Administration

Ready to learn what USABROAD’s Managed Network Services can do for your business?

On average, we save our client’s over 75% in IT and network administration costs.

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